The 1975- Girls

One of the number one rules in becoming a humble but fabulous hipster is the avoidance of horrible ‘pop’ music. Don’t get me wrong I’m not going to lie to you all and say I don’t blast a little Katie Perry once in awhile for the sake of straight up optimism. BUT this does NOT mean you don’t RUN in the other direction when Pitbull or Ke$ha decide to release a new ‘single’ because they are too untalented to make any name for themselves from an entire album.

Well now that we have cleared that up, I have chosen a lovely band as your first music education in hipsterosity (also made up).

The 1975 are a Manchester based alternative rock band made up of four Britishly talented and alternatively attractive guys who make some damn catchy tunes. In pure hipster and tastefully creative fashion when Matt Healy (lead singer and song writer) was asked ‘What genre are you?’ he described this as a ‘tedious question’.

Your first key note should be the fact that these boys have not only known each other for about 10 years but that they also all play their own instrument (take that Mr. World Wide). There is no denying the unique sound and easy listening of their self title debut album that, by no surprise to me, went No. 1 in the UK. But what should excite the inner hipster in you is the fact that The 1975 was still playing free shows at the beginning of last year. Its raw and unmistakably new talent untarnished by the vulgar commercialism of The X Factor. These four boys have earned their fame and their recognition not by Simon Cowell’s hair stylists but by the genuine thirst for music. And guess what Simon, The 1975 beat out your One Direction in the Radio Teen awards while selling out 3 nights at the Brixton Academy (around 15, 000 tickets) before the debut album even dropped. Talented, yet teens preferred them over Harry Styles? Here’s hoping this means the hasty demise of nasty fake molly-popping anthems.

The style these guys show is as if they threw some skinny jeans on, an old ratty tee and some leather and decided to make it work. Well like their music, it’s working. The fashion these guys like to sport not only makes them relatable (yeah I’m looking at you Kanye) but also desirable. I mean the British accent doesn’t hurt along with the messy alternative hair the lads like to sport. Keep it up guys, never wear those jeans any looser.

Finally, Matt Healy is quoted by the newspaper The Guardian by stating “…I think we’ve got quite a postmodern attitude to the creation of music, and it’s split a lot of people down the middle because they don’t know how to take it.” Brilliant.

Without further a due, please take a listen to The 1975.


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